What are the immersion requirements?

  • Attendance Requirements:
    • All weekly Classes (Attend live or access recording)
    • 3 Integration Sessions per month (Attend live or access recording)
    • 2 Elective Sessions per 6-months (Attend live or access recording)
    • 1 Pucllay Small Group gathering with your TA per month (Live attendance ONLY)*
      • *Note: While attending only one Pucllay group gathering per month is required, we strongly recommend attending both offerings
  • Assessment Requirements: 
    • 12 Unit Reflections (written: 300-500 words or audio/video: 3 minutes in length)
    • 4 Reflections on Elective Sessions with Guest Faculty (2 Elective reflections per 6 month segment) (written: 300-500 words or audio/video: 3 minutes in length)
  • Practicum Requirements:
    • 6 integration practices where you offer ceremonies or healing services to your friends, family or community and share a 300-500 words write up or audio/video: 3 minutes in length about your experience. After every two units, Puma will share a specific assignment to guide you on what practice you will be offering. You will also be asked to share your experiences with each integration practice in your Pucllay Groups for discussion. 
  • Final Capstone Project Requirement: 
    • A creative expression where you have the opportunity to design and offer your own ceremony to others and share an analysis (written, audio, video, slide presentation) of your experience along with the experiences of your participants. You will be asking your participants for feedback that you can share publicly after your ceremony.

Receiving a certification of completion for this program means you have successfully completed (with a minimum of 70% overall completion rate) all the above requirements.

We require 70% completion rate in each of the following categories:

  • 8 (out of 12) Pucllay Groups
  • 8 (out of 12) Unit Assessments
  • 2 (out of 4) Elective Reflections
  • 4 (out of 6) Practicums

The Capstone must be completed in full.

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