Breathwork Summit 2023

Live summit aired January 9 - 13

During these times of intense and rapid change, wouldn’t it be fantastic to have the tools within you to stay emotionally grounded and in control of your bodily systems?

The good news is that you do!

One of the greatest benefits you can derive from consciously tapping into the power of your breath —instantaneously — is increasing your sense of equilibrium.

By using both practical, potent ancient and leading-edge breathwork techniques, you can quickly move away from a reactive, hyper-aroused state with your sympathetic nervous system in “fight or flight” mode into a more relaxed state, where you’re likely to feel calm, empowered, centered, present, and in touch with your inner voice.

During the Shift Network’s upcoming Breathwork Summit, you’ll discover the next generation of breathwork practices for lasting resilience and healing and explore the potent power of full-spectrum breathwork from a number of ancient Indigenous traditions to the latest science-backed techniques.


You’ll learn what constitutes “safe” breathwork practice, who’s qualified to offer breathwork professionally, and how ethical practice is monitored in this burgeoning and diverse field.

You’ll also uncover the history — and the science — behind these profound practices, and will have time allotted toactually experience them with the guidance of expert breathwork practitioners.

Your ability to use breathwork to widen your window of tolerance, downshifting from states of hyper arousal to peace, allows you to increase your capacity to handle stressors in daily life.

These findings are backed by science, particularly studies in neuroscience. Even involuntary bodily systems can become more under your direct control!

The various techniques that will be presented are easy to learn, non-invasive, and you can use them at home for free. Like a dedicated healer, the breath is always available to you — accessing it doesn’t require fancy equipment or physical prowess.

That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you to join this convergence of leading breathwork guides, practitioners, researchers, and teachers who will equip you with best-practice methods to become a masterful breather, accumulate greater emotional resilience, and become more prepared to face any challenge.

The Live Summit is over



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