Psychology of True Happiness Summit 2017

Discover Powerful Practices for Fulfilling YOUR Greatest Potential

AIRED August 8-10, 2017

Is true happiness possible?

Deep, lasting happiness can seem elusive when you’re immersed in the daunting demands of daily living. Add financial difficulties, health issues or relationship challenges to the mix and “happiness” can seem like a fantasy. Even when life is not challenging, happiness can seem like a fleeting concept...

However, true happiness is not contingent upon outside circumstances or years of “working on yourself.” AND it’s well within your reach!

So what is true happiness?

True happiness is more than a positive mood...

It’s a lasting state of wellbeing, a feeling of being centered and connected to your depths, and a source of real sustenance internally.

Happiness is YOU thriving in a purpose-filled life — as YOU define it — enjoying fulfilling relationships, success on your terms, and meaningful acts of service.

So now... is it possible?

You may have gone to traditional therapy, seeking clarity, support, healing and ultimately, happiness. Most traditional forms of therapy focus on analyzing behaviors, diagnosing symptoms and treating your pathology... to “fix the problem.”

Yet, there’s a deeper approach to psychology that integrates higher levels of consciousness and encompasses your ENTIRE being.

This approach focuses on cultivating awareness and alignment with your deeper knowing, embracing your spiritual nature and drawing from multiple wisdom streams (ancient and modern) to support your holistic healing.

Research is now affirming what wisdom traditions have known for ages... happiness is actually a skill. Happiness is an emergent state arising from practices that guide the mind and heart toward gratitude, connection with others and compassion.

It’s based not on transcending negativity — but rather on embracing the fullness of the human experience while still recognizing the suffering, trauma and challenges of life.

By shifting your relationship with these so-called “negative” states,  these experiences can become your greatest spiritual teachers.  

This is the Psychology of True Happiness.

During The Psychology of True Happiness: The Science and Practice of Spirituality, Fulfillment and Flow, you’ll discover many powerful techniques for healing and happiness from esteemed leaders — pioneers of psychology, mindfulness, Hakomi and more — all gathered in one event!

They’ll share the insights, science and research-based practices you need to reconnect with your true Self, realize your highest potential and tap into a profound sense of wellbeing.


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