What are the program details and schedule for the certification program?

All sessions will be held online through Zoom. There will be no in-person engagement.

The certification starts on September 11, 2023, and ends on March 25, 2024.

Class Sessions: 90 minutes per week on Wednesdays starting at 1:00pm Pacific, most weeks of the year. Students may attend live on Zoom or access the recording soon after. Students are expected to attend all class sessions or access the recordings during the same week of the live teaching. 

Integration Sessions: 75 minutes on two Mondays per month starting at 1:00pm Pacific, led by Daisy, including time for breakout groups. Students are expected to attend (or access the recording of) two integration sessions monthly (breakout groups are not recorded, which last for approximately 15 minutes).

Group Practive Sessions: Two 30-Minute Interactive Group Practice Sessions Every Month. With live attendance, there will be a 30-minute optional interactive practice session directly following each integration session. You’ll be placed in a small group with several other participants on the Zoom call to interact, share, and do an additional practice to help you further integrate the weekly lessons. Practice sessions are available for live attendance only and are not recorded for playback. If you’re unable to attend the calls live, the Facebook online community group allows you to connect with each other and find alternative times to interact.

Guest Faculty Sessions: Three workshops will be offered on select Wednesdays, also starting at 1:00pm Pacific, throughout the program, on various topics to supplement and expand on the teachings. Students are expected to attend these sessions for their 6-month certification. Recordings will be available for students to access on their own time.

Click here for the full program schedule.

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