May my enrollment be shared with friend or family?

No. We understand that it can be helpful to share with friends and family the meaningful insights, reflections, and revelations you experience during the program.

While we encourage you to share with others what you learn in the program, we ask that you do not share any of the program materials or anything from the Homepage or private Facebook Community Group.

Each person interested in participating in this program needs to have their own separate application and registration. 

We maintain this policy out of respect for our Faculty and to honor the contractual agreement with them. This program has been designed to replicate an in-person training as much as possible; therefore, each enrollment is designated for that participant.


Here is our full Spousal Sharing Policy:

The Shift Network is happy to offer our 2-for-1 special to spouses or partners living under the same roof for most of our foundational courses with the purchase of one full-price registration. (Spousal participation is offered at the sole discretion of the Shift Network and is subject to availability. Certain exclusions may apply. The Company reserves the right to change or cancel this policy at any time.)

However, we are unable to extend this offer to participants in any of our advanced-level or application contingent programs, such as Certification Programs, Immersion Programs, Coaching or Teacher Trainings, and any courses or programs involving 1:1 faculty coaching and mentoring sessions.


We appreciate your inquiry about this and your commitment to being in integrity. Thank you for not sharing any program materials!

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