Sacred Journey to Peru Retreat December 2024

This retreat is from December 2 - 12, 2024

What if you had an opportunity to heal your deepest blocks and expand into your highest potential while advancing your life mission in powerful ways — all while building a community of conscious peers for support and collaboration?

It’s becoming clear that working with psychedelic plant medicines is proving to be one of the fastest accelerators for transformational teachers, who get an opportunity to engage in rapid healing, downloading of new roadmaps, and insight into core healing work. This makes you into a stronger teacher and emissary.

More transformational teachers are sharing their stories publicly as the path to legalization advances. As the founding CEO of The Shift Network, I can attest that some of our most powerful and effective programs have come to me in crystal-clear ways during plant medicine ceremonies.

The good news is that, in Peru, this work is ALREADY fully legal and builds off legacies and lineages that have been operating for hundreds of years. There’s a sacred culture of working with plant medicines for healing and for vision that weaves together beautiful music, shamanic healing, and vibrational medicine to help transform body, mind, and spirit.

We believe the Sacred Journey to Peru may be the best investment you can make in advancing your life work and awakening in 2024. We promise that you will experience profound openings, receive deep healings, and be blessed with fresh downloads that illuminate the path to a brighter future for you and your life work.

In partnership,
Stephen Dinan

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