What comes with the FREE or PAID app subscription?

What comes with the FREE app subscription?

The free version of the app is loaded with thought-provoking, and state-shifting content called One Minute Shifts and Quick Shifts. We’ve created these bite-size pieces of content with the intention of helping you instantly shift into a more conscious, present, and happy state of being! 

We’ve also mindfully curated longer pieces of inspirational and informative content called Shift Stories and Shift Talks, both of which are available free of charge. 


What comes with the Premium PAID app subscription?

The app’s premium version contains content designed to help you take your personal transformation to the next level. With the app’s premium version, you instantly unlock access to mini-courses that have been created exclusively for the app by some of the leading luminaries, experts, and thought leaders of the world. These micro-learning lessons are designed to help you go deep, on the go. 

With the premium version, you also unlock unlimited access to powerful conversations, called Luminary Lessons, between two or more brilliant minds about love, healing, politics, consciousness, and so much more. 

Lastly, premium access to the app unlocks access to exclusive online events hosted by The Shift Network. Whether it's musical performances from famous artists, to panel discussions, interviews, or keynote presentations from industry leaders, you get unlimited access to watch (and rewatch) as many times as you want! 

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