What is the certification focus?


  • Accelerated personal growth that is deeply integrated, both within the student and with the student’s work in the world. Embodied consciousness of the Enneagram as both an interdisciplinary study and as its own deep field of learning. 
  • Integration and balance of experiential learning, academic rigor, and community support.
  • Enneagram Depth Certification is a certificate program for both people who do not currently hold any certification in the enneagram field, as well as already certified Enneagram teachers. This is a specialty certificate that you have fulfilled the requirements of a year-long immersion into learning, inner work, and are educated in the original teachings of the Enneagram and their application to personal development, consciousness, and human life. The certificate will also say that you are Enneagram Informed, signifying that you have knowledge and skills of value about human temperament, behavior, growth, and transformation that you can bring to your vocations, service, and communities.
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