What are the certification requirements?

  • Attendance (or recording access) of all weekly teachings
  • Attendance (or recording access) of two Integration Sessions per month, including one facilitated by Russ or Jessica and one facilitated by Julie Harris.
  • Live (Zoom) attendance in at least one Learning Lab per month
  • Attendance (or recording access) of three Electives throughout the year.
  • Weekly assignments
  • Unit reviews
  • Elective reviews
  • Read & submit a Written Reflection on 8 books from the reading list
  • Capstone report (more on this as the year proceeds)

Learning Lab, Weekly Reflections & Unit Assessment Details:

Learning Labs (LL)

Attendance and participation in 1 LL / month

Make up options: Preferable: Attend an extra LL in a month before or after the missed month or (less preferable) meet with a fellow student to discuss current class topics, take-aways or LL focus. Either way, student to notify Coach/Facilitator of make-up plan and confirm when it is complete.

Weekly Reflections (WR)

Three elements required for each WR:

  1. Answer questions 1 on the Unit WR page
  2. Answer question 2 (regarding Presence Practice) on WR page
  3. Copy & paste the Faculty-specific reflection prompt and respond to that (Faculty-specific prompt is located on homepage under that specific class and emailed on Fridays for the week)

Unit Assessment (UA)

Three elements required for each Unit Assessment

  1. Answer only 1 of the 4 questions at the top
  2. Note the date and facilitator of the 2 Integration Sessions attended each month and one sentence reflection of the greatest learning from those sessions. (For Unit 1, each student should have 2 Integration Sessions and a one sentence reflection for May and 2 for June.)

Copy, paste and respond to the Faculty-specific prompt for that unit. (Faculty-specific prompt is located on homepage under Unit Wrap Up section and emailed at the end of the unit.)

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