Qigong Global Summit 2021

This summit aired May 24-28, 2021.

Looking to clear out a year’s worth of stagnant energy and emotional malaise?

Are you yearning to boost your physical and emotional flexibility with nourishing low-impact routines?

Eager to cultivate health and longevity from curative traditions grounded in nature and the cosmos?

Qigong is the foundation for a life lived with more flow, bliss, and balance.

The ancient Chinese tradition combines the word Qi, which means subtle breath or life-force energy with gong, meaning cultivation or skill.

Qigong unites the mind, body, and spirit through gentle movements, elemental breathing techniques, healing sound, and intentional posture.

Its low-intensity routines have a high impact on your health and happiness.

During the Qigong Global Summit, embark on a journey with these timeworn techniques to calm your nervous system, address chronic illness, improve your bone health, spring clean the energy in your organs, and much more!

The Qigong Global Summit brings deep learnings from a wide range of wisdom streams within the realm of Qigong… including Wujigong & Wuji QuanTai Chi and Zuowang meditationQigong-based sound healing, and Da Zi Ran (following nature)... from the world’s most prestigious living masters.

During this summit you’ll experience a rare convergence of Qigong grandmasters from all across the world — some of whom are making their first-ever appearance in an online event.

Dive deep into Qigong practice and philosophy with some of the most beloved teachers in the field — including Master Li Junfeng, Master Mantak Chia, Daisy Lee, Faye Li Yip, Dr. Effie Chow, Grandmaster Nan Lu, Robert Peng, Master Helen Liang, Master Mingtong Gu, Deng Ming-Dao, and many others.

You’ll also gain insight into the wide array of healing and practical applications of Qigong and even hear an NBA basketball players account of how Qigong aided his professional and personal wellbeing.

In this free online event, you'll discover how to purge stress, ignite flow, and anchor to your natural surroundings... so you can live your days with more levity and ease.

While this summit has concluded, you can still REGISTER and receive two free recordings:



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