Medical Intuition Summit 2023

Live summit airs September 23 - 24, 2023

As a committed, dedicated student of the healing arts — whether you’re a seasoned therapeutic medical professional or a holistic energy healer — you may be asking yourself if expanding your toolkit to include medical intuition might be the next logical step in your evolving practice.

Medical intuition skills can — and do — benefit people who are engaged in a wide variety of healing practices across a broad spectrum of Western and Eastern modalities…

…such as energy workers, Reiki masters, mediums, and traditional medical professionals who’ve earned their advanced-level degrees studying more conventional Western medicine allopathic practices.

Many therapists, doctors, nurses, clinicians, holistic health coaches/teachers, and those looking to explore a rewarding career at the leading edge of the healthcare revolution, backed by exciting new science, are already enthusiastically exploring this new frontier, while facilitating profound healing experiences for their clients.

As you know, medical intuition involves the use of intuitive or extrasensory abilities to gain insights into a person’s health and wellbeing.

By perceiving information about a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health that might not be readily apparent through conventional medical methods…

… you, the practitioner, can make potential treatment recommendations as a result of identifying imbalances and other underlying causes of all manner of ailments.

By delving into medical intuition, you’ll gain insights and skills that go beyond conventional methods, allowing you to contribute to the healing journeys of others on deeper and more holistic levels — integrating medical intuition with more conventional healthcare to provide your clients with a more complete picture of their health.

By implementing medical intuition techniques in your practice, you can discover…

… illnesses that extend beyond physical and psychological realms

… how to tap into intuitive insights to uncover hidden aspects of health

… ways to establish and maintain healthy energetic boundaries to sidestep unhealthy entanglements and dissonant energies

… how to create energetic safeguards, crucial for both practitioners and clients, to promote wellbeing and longevity in energy-intensive practices

… the connection between trauma, especially childhood trauma, and its effects on health

… how hypervigilance can disrupt the nervous system, leading to immune and gut issues

… effective methods to guide clients in accessing their intuition, empowering them to actively participate in their own healing journey

… how to encourage individuals to manage their energy effectively, aligning it with their highest healing potential to promote overall wellness




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