Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives Summit 2023

Live summit aired October 10 - 12, 2023

Have you ever been told that you’re overreacting, being dramatic, or are too sensitive?

Have you yourself ever wondered from time to time about your alleged “overly sensitive” responses, and why those around you do not seem to react with such intensity to situations and events?

Some people, but not all, possess extraordinary qualities that allow them to more deeply connect with the emotional tapestry of the world.

The downside of this sensitivity is that these souls can often find themselves ungrounded, frazzled, uncentered…

… and struggling with strong emotions that frequently tip them into feeling over-saturated.

Burned out and burdened by feelings of threat and vulnerability, they often grapple with crippling anxiety by either shutting down completely (freeze mode), or overreacting badly (fight mode.)

These are individuals with remarkable abilities to dissolve boundaries with others — often giving more than they should — not recognizing their unconscious adoption of rescuer, hero, or martyr roles.

Their profound empathy sometimes leads to a lost sense of self, as they prioritize the pains and needs of others as more important than their own.

Do any of these statements ring true for you? If so, then you may actually be an empath, highly sensitive person (HSP), or intuitive.

Sounds pretty overwhelming, doesn’t it?

Yet, despite facing such a wide array of potentially debilitating challenges, empaths, HSPs, and intuitives like you possess unique and invaluable gifts.

Your heightened sensitivity allows you to perceive the world in ways that others cannot, and with the right support and self-care…

… you can learn to navigate your emotional terrain, turning your vulnerability into strength and your empathy into a force for healing and connection.

In the Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives Summit, you’ll discover energy and boundary skills and science-based practices to transform overwhelm, anxiety, and distraction into discernment, autonomy, and groundedness.

You’ll learn to develop effective self-care practices, manage your energy, and hone your sensitive nature so you can use it to enhance your life, as well as show up as your highest and best self, each and every day.

You’ll also discover how to harness your innate abilities in your work, your purpose, your relationships, and more — to enjoy a fulfilling life brimming with meaning and impact.

You deserve to thrive, and as you master the practical tools and embody the self-care practices we’ve curated, you can become your best self, your best ally — and your own best friend.



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