Questions for Faculty - ON-DEMAND PROGRAMS

Questions for Faculty

Each of our On-demand programs had a previous version that was held live online with a cohort of students.

However, now that we are offering them as fully self-paced courses, the teacher is not available to answer questions.

Our new website doesn't currently allow us to remove the Instructor Q&A section. Our apologies! Although you aren't able to submit questions for the teacher, you can always send any technical course inquiries to our Support Team (see below).


You also have the opportunity to listen to questions and answers that come up in the teachings. The mentoring offered in the recorded class sessions provides learning opportunities for every student and can be just as potent as listening live. It is helpful to keep this in mind when going through the sessions.

When a particular teaching or practice touches you, ignites questions, or brings you to a breakthrough, be sure to allow yourself to pause and explore your experience or journal.

Since you have ongoing access to this course, you can take time to tune in to the lessons and complete the exercises more than once to sink deeper into the teachings and find gems of wisdom that you may have missed the first time.

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