Shamanic Wisdom Summit 2023

Live summit aired November 14 - 16, 2023

The intensity of energetic changes sweeping through the collective consciousness today finds a counterbalance in the elemental practices of shamanism, offering you a safe and grounded pathway to uplevel to the heightened frequency of the Earth.

Amidst the tumultuous currents of these modern times, where the frenetic pace of life and the disconnection from both nature and each other can leave you adrift, ancient Indigenous practices and Earth-based traditions beckon as anchors of wisdom and healing.

Shamanism, at its core, invites you to tune into the manifold spiritual powers inherent in Nature.

In myriad traditions across the globe, Nature is not merely a backdrop — She is a living entity, inviting you to engage in a harmonious, symbiotic relationship with Her.

As an anchoring force for clarity and groundedness in the midst of disorientating times, the ancient wisdom embedded in these traditions becomes a potent source for navigating the unknown. It provides tools for resilience and presence — and a focused commitment to healing the self and the Earth.

Internal tools offering heightened awareness — such as voice opening or rhythm exploration — enable you to attune to the transformative shifts in vibration within your body, energy field, and psyche.

Breathwork and energy practices can also become gateways to harnessing the forces of nature…

… while alchemical processes can be employed, not merely for personal transformation, but to uplevel you to your full potential.

In this year’s Shamanic Wisdom Summit, you’ll discover teachings from across the globe, potent practices and rituals to guide you through a process of rediscovery…

… so you can renew, re-activate, and re-empower to uplevel your mind, body and spirit — on behalf of yourself, your community, and the planet.

Register, at no charge, to join these remarkable teachers who are sharing powerful insights from diverse traditions, and learn how to apply their teachings to your daily life and our world so you can move through uncertainty with purpose and power.



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