Enneagram Global Summit 2016

Join us in transforming your mind, body, heart & soul with the Enneagram!

Aired June 7 - 10, 2016


The Enneagram is much more than a simple personality test...

It’s a comprehensive system representing nine distinct strategies for relating to yourself, others and the world— a time-tested holistic approach to emotional, mental and spiritual development.

The Enneagram complements many other methodologies — whether you’re using it as a therapeutic professional, healing practitioner or coach, or applying the wisdom harvested from the Enneagram for greater self-awareness.

When we understand it in depth, the Enneagram reveals the inherent strengths and gifts that each type can bring to the world. And it not only shows us nine ways we leave presence — ways we forget who we really are — it also illuminates nine pathways back to our essential nature.

The Enneagram helps us see new ways to combine our diverse talents and particular forms of genius and to see a bigger unity. Never has the wisdom of the Enneagram been so needed to promote personal and planetary wellbeing and create a compassionate world that truly works for all.

Not only has the Enneagram stood the test of time, it’s an expanding field of innovation and creativity, constantly inspiring new processes and practices for consciousness in spirituality, business, education, health care, cultivating relationships, psychology, coaching, parenting, sexuality, healing our bodies and more.

Join us for the Enneagram Global Summit!


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