Facebook Course Community Group FAQs

Shift Network Facebook Course Community Group FAQs

Welcome to the FAQs for our Facebook Course Community Groups. Please read through them and learn about how to participate in the Facebook group for your course. 

About Facebook Accounts: 

Must I have a Facebook account to participate in the Course Community Group? 

If the Course Community Group for your course is a Facebook group, then yes, in order to join the group, you need to have a Facebook account first. However, participation in the Facebook Community Group for your course is normally optional.


How do I open a Facebook account? 

If you do not yet have a Facebook account, you can sign up for one in a few easy steps. Please see our tutorial, "Creating a Facebook Account".


I used to have a Facebook account but I closed it. How do I re-open my Facebook account so I can participate in the course community group?

If you had a Facebook account in the past and have since deleted it, you will need to create a new account to participate in the course community group.


I'm not comfortable having my name or photo on Facebook. What do I do?

You can start a Facebook account with the name of your choice, and photos are not required. 


Joining Your Group:  

How do I join the group for my course? 

If you are joining the group during the first week of the course when the status of the group is a "Closed Group" (see below for types of groups), then click here for instructions.

If you are joining the group after the second week of the course when the status of the group is a "Secret Group", then click here for instructions.


I tried to join the group but nothing seemed to happen? 

Everyone who requests membership in their course group will be confirmed with a course roster before they are granted admission. Once you have requested membership, we will confirm you and grant you entry as soon as possible.


How will I know when I've been allowed into the group? 

For specifics, please refer to the document links above on joining "Closed" and "Secret" groups. Also, you'll know you are a member when you can see the name of the course group listed under the Groups heading on your own Facebook page (which only appears when you have at least one group that you're a member of), and you'll be able to post on the group page.


Will you recognize me if my FB name is different than my course registration name? 

If your name on FB is different than the name that you used to register for the course with, you need to let us know right away!  Please e-mail your registration/course name and your Facebook name to your Course Manager or submit a Customer Support Help Request and let us know. For example, if you registered for the course as Briana Campbell, and you are trying to join the Facebook Group with the name Briana Starchild, we won't be able to add you until you let us know.


How do I get from my Facebook page to my course group page? 

Click on the Home link at the top of your Facebook Page. From the home screen (where you see your newsfeed and updates from friends and groups), look for a list of your groups on the left side of the screen.


When I click on the Course Community Group button on the Course Homepage, it just takes me to Facebook. What do I do?

If you don't have a Facebook account, and you want to participate in the group, you'll need to create a Facebook account first. If you need help starting a Facebook account, click here. If you already have a Facebook account, just log in and follow the directions above for joining the group.


Posting Procedures and Etiquette:  

How do I post/ upload a document? 

  1. To post files or share Dropbox files—such as presentations, schedules, and documents—to a group, click Add File and choose a file from your computer or Dropbox account. Note: links to Dropbox files can be shared outside of the group.
  2. To view all files shared in a group, click the Files tab at the top of the group.
  3. Who can view, upload and download files depends on the group's privacy settings. Please review the Facebook Community Standards to learn more about specific types of conduct and content that are not permitted on the site.


Am I supposed to upload a picture whenever I upload a document? 

You are not required to upload a picture with each document.


What's okay for me to post? 

Please honor your course group by keeping your posts directly related to the course and its content, including course homework assignments and deepening practice suggestions.

This is not an appropriate place for posting commentary on unrelated issues or topics, or for promoting individual group member products or services. Inappropriate posts may be reported or pulled from the forum. 

Your group is also not the appropriate place to discuss issues or problems that you may be having with technical issues with the course delivery or other grievances, which should be taken up with our Support Department directly by submitting a Help Request or by phoning (415) 223-7565. They will ensure that you receive the assistance you need.


Can I delete something I've posted if I change my mind about it? 

Yes. To hide or delete a post you have created:

  1. Hover over the post on your Page's Timeline
  2. Click the downward facing arrow in the upper-right corner
  3. Select Hide from Page to hide it or select Delete... then click Delete to delete it


Every time someone in the group posts something, I'm getting an email. That's too many emails for me! How can I change that? 

Facebook group settings are defaulted to send you an email with every post in your group. To change what email notifications you receive from your group, click the Notifications button at the upper right of the group page on Facebook. You can select "All Posts," "Friends' Posts," or "Off.”


Why are some of the guys in our course showing their work in the course (so marked) in the general Facebook population, and will comments lead other people into our closed group? 

Everyone has the right to share their work as they prefer. Even if their sharing sparks an interest in someone else about the course, that person will still be unable to see the posts of others in the group unless they are a member of the course, themselves.


Can I post Support and Faculty Questions on Facebook? 

Support Questions: If you need assistance from Customer Support regarding your course experience, please contact our support staff at:


Faculty Questions: Occasionally faculty may join the Facebook group to contribute to student discussions on a limited basis at their discretion. If you have questions for Course Faculty, please either submit questions during the live course calls by joining the Maestro Conference call and pressing ‘1’ during the Q&A period, or by typing your questions into the text box provided on the webcast page. Please note that due to the size of most courses, the faculty may not be able to answer all questions.


Privacy Issues:  

Can anybody outside of the group see my post? 

No - only members of the group can see posts. We start the Facebook Community Group for the course as a "Closed Group", which means that only group members can see and read the group's posts. Then, for added privacy, we change the group to a "Secret Group" at around the second week of the course.

Once the group is set to “Secret”, the group itself, its membership, and all posts will only visible to those who are in the group. There are three privacy options for groups: Open, Closed and Secret. See the Facebook Privacy Help Page for details about who can join these different types of groups and what people can see about them.

Note that you will see group posts in your Newsfeed. This is because you have permission to see those posts, not because the group (or your Newsfeed) is in any way public.


What if I don't want everybody in the group to see my post? 

If you prefer to post only to a specific person or a smaller group, you can send a message that only includes certain people. To send a message to other members of a group:

  1. Click  at the top right of your group > Send Message
  2. Use the checkboxes to select who you want to message
  3. Click Start Chat

Note: Anyone in the conversation can add other people, whether those people are in the group or not. Anyone added can also see all of the previous messages in the conversation.


How can I tell what other people on Facebook and friends of mine can see when they visit my Facebook page? 

From your Facebook page, click on your name on the blue menu ribbon. You'll see an Activity Log tab, and a gear symbol with a drop down menu. Click on "View" and follow the directions for viewing your own page as general public or as a specific person.


Can I close my account after I take the course? 

You are welcome to close your account once you have taken the course. That decision is up to you. You will have the option of remaining a part of the course group for up to a year after the completion of your course.

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