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Upcoming Events: (all subject to change)

Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul: How to Turn Your Hardest Initiations Into the Gold of an Awakened Life — A Free Virtual Event With Renowned Mystic Teacher Andrew Harvey. Gain powerful medicine for the soul that you can apply in any dark journey, especially when you’ve exhausted all other means of spiritual sustenance. Wednesday, March 13, at 5:30pm Pacific


The Next Level of Meditation: Discover an Accelerated Path of Awakening & How to Navigate Common Pitfalls of the Advanced Seeker — A Free Video Event With With Pioneering Contemporary Spiritual Teacher & Internationally Renowned Mystic Thomas Huebl. Receive cutting-edge insights from an awakened mystic who can help you navigate your everyday life with more groundedness, presence, and clarity. Thursday, March 14, at 5:30pm Pacific


Discover Magical Dreaming: Practices for Time Traveling, Active Dreaming & Powerful Manifesting — A Free Video Event With Bestselling Author & Dream Shaman Robert Moss. Discover the magic of bringing guidance and energy from your dreams into your every day — for more joy, healing, and adventure. Saturday, March 16, at 10:00am Pacific


Redefining Love: Discover Your Inner Mentor For A New Kind of Love & A Profoundly Passionate Life — A Free Video Event With the Host of the Deeper Dating Podcast & Renowned Psychotherapist Ken Page. Discover the crucial link between self-love, romantic love, and loving ALL of life. Wednesday, March 20, at 5:30pm Pacific


Awaken Your Rhythm: Drumming to Liberate Self-Expression, Deepen Spirituality & Boost Wellbeing — With Speaker, Author, and Music Therapist Christine Stevens. Discover drumming as meditation — a rhythmic mantra that can engage the ‘monkey mind’ and help you fall deeply into your heart.
New 7-Week Live Video Training Starts Tuesday, March 12


Reclaim Your Empathic Power: Subtle Energy Body Practices to Release Energetic Ties & Resolve Life Patterns — With Healer, Teacher & Author Desda Zuckerman. Clear old stories and patterns (without processing) — and master the healing powers of your vast subtle anatomy.
New 7-Week Live Video Training Starts Wednesday, March 20


Upcoming Events (all subject to change:)

Daniel Foor 14-week course
• Andrew Harvey 10-week course
• Thomas Huebl 10-week course

Chloe Goodchild 7-week course
• Ken Page 7-week course
Ancestral Healing Summit
• Wendy De Rosa 7-week course
• Robert Moss 12-week course
Energy Medicine & Healing Summit
• Devaa Haley Mitchell 4-week course
• David Crow 7-week course
• Heidi Harmon 8-week course

• Evelyn Rysdyk 8-week course
• Michael Beckwith 5-week course

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