Our Upcoming Offerings!

Greetings! Please scroll down for notes from The Shift Catalyst Newsletter on some of our upcoming offerings. If you have additional questions, please submit a Help Request. Thank you!

Upcoming Events: (all subject to change)

Deborah Eden Tull 7-week course
Toko-pa Turner 7-week course
Mark Matousek 7-week course
Winter of Wellness
• Sharla Jacobs & Jesse Koren 7-week course
Shift Mentorship Program
• Grandmother Flordemayo 7-week course
• Daisy Lee 10-week course

• Margaret Paul 7-week course
• Miranda Macpherson 7-week course
• Shiloh Sophia 7-week course
• Daniel Foor course
• Roger Jahnke course
• Raja Choudhury 9-week course
• David Crow 7-week course

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