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Upcoming Events (all subject to change)

Discover Your Healing Rhythms — A Free Video Event with author, speaker, and music therapist Christine Stevens. Experience a healing drumming journey to transform fear into love (you don’t need a drum to participate). Wednesday, August 21, at 5:30pm Pacific


Clearing the Seven Windows to the Soul With Anodea Judith, #1 bestselling author and expert on the chakra system. Experience the full spectrum of your energy and power — bringing your body, emotions, relationships, and creativity into alignment with your soul. New 7-Week Video Training Starts Tuesday, August 13


7 Steps to Embody the Gifts of Your Sensitivity With HSP expert Julie Bjelland. Uncover the profound gifts hidden underneath the challenges of high sensitivity — and transform stress, anxiety, and overwhelm into a sense of calm and groundedness through proven brain-training practices. New 7-Week Live Video Training Starts Tuesday, August 13


Unlock Your Epigenetics With epigenetics expert Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier. Move beyond disease-prediction models of DNA testing and influence your gene expression to improve memory, increase bone regeneration, enhance your immune system, and revitalize your health and wellbeing at every level. New 6-Week Live Video Training Starts Wednesday, August 21


Upcoming Events (all subject to change):

Anita Moorjani 9-week course
Jane Burns 7-week course

• Matthew Fox 7-week course
• Christine Stevens 7-week course
• Tim Freke 7-week course
Sound Healing Summit
• Dr. Shamini Jain 7-week course
• Rachel Abrams 7-week course
• Tree Franklyn 7-week course

• Russ Hudson 7-week course
• Christina Pratt 7-week course
• Jonathan Goldman 7-week course
• Suzanne Giesemann 7-week course
• Dr. Steven Farmer 7-week course



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