Yoga Day Summit 2016

Immerse Yourself in Your Own Personal Yoga Retreat!

Original broadcast June 21, 2016

Join a global community of yogis — sages, musicians, scientists and beloved teachers from around the globe — to discover yoga practices, guided meditations and healing breathwork for restoring, balancing and invigorating your body, mind and soul.

On the International Day of Yoga, June 21, 2016, The Yoga Day Summit will provide an opportunity for people around the globe to experience and celebrate the beauty, power and depth of yoga as a vehicle for living a divine life and creating a world built on oneness.

The Yoga Day Summit is a free 12+ hour online event that will explore the world of yoga from its ancient roots in India, to today’s global movement of transformation.

Whatever your experience with yoga, this unique day can help you go to the next level...

If you’re newer to yoga, you’ll be inspired to transform your practice to dramatically improve your lifestyle.

If you’re an experienced teacher, you’ll discover what’s on the forefront of the yoga world so you can enlighten your students and improve your classes, workshops or studio.

During The Yoga Day Summit, you’ll receive exclusive access to exceptional video and audio sessions with today’s leading teachers as they guide you in experiencing deeper levels of the Karma, Bhakti, Jnana and Raja paths of yoga — all at no charge!

Join us for The Yoga Day Summit!


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