African-American Wisdom Summit 2016

African-American Wisdom Summit 2016

The Time is NOW for Our Collective Healing

It can be discouraging, even heartbreaking, to hear about the pain and suffering our global family members are experiencing — in our neighborhoods, hometowns and all over the world.

If the racism, corruption, environmental destruction, and human rights abuses you see in the media or witness first-hand leave you feeling hopeless, helpless or confused about what we can do to create real, lasting change... you’re not alone.

With so much focus on all that’s wrong with our world, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that we have visionaries, community leaders and citizens who are performing great acts of love, compassion and service every single day — forging new pathways and presenting innovative solutions for these challenging times.

And so many of those who exemplify humanity’s extraordinary potential draw their soul-powered strength, creativity, and brilliance from African American wisdom.

Now, in an unprecedented gathering, they are uniting to share their valuable knowledge, insights and life-affirming practices with you.

This special event provides a truly unique way to participate in Black History Month... as we’ll be honoring history AND visioning our future. Members of every race will come together to address the injustices and traumas while also celebrating the positive steps being taken to create a society where EVERYONE thrives.

Additionally, we’ll cherish the unique flavors, traditions and spiritual wisdom that African Americans (and others of the African Diaspora) contribute to our society throughout the year, through wise leadership, profound artistry, words of truth and inspired actions that transcend what we believe to be possible.

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