Body Intelligence Summit 2016

Body Intelligence Summit  2016

We’ve all been raised in a disembodied world — sitting endless hours at our desks, squinting at screens and disconnected from ALL of our senses while relying predominantly on learning through our intellect.

Too often, we think of our bodies like machines we need to “maintain” so that we can keep going. (Instead of honoring them as divine expressions of our wondrous universe and the source of loving presence that allows us to fully engage in our lives.)

The result? We often feel anxious, uninspired and depleted. We may gain weight or develop chronic health problems. And we lose our authentic connection with ourselves, our community and our environment.

The Body Intelligence Summit is here to shift all that — helping you access new levels of vitality, creativity and joy by becoming more deeply and deliciously embodied.

The truth is that your body holds vast wisdom and intelligence — from the precise communication of your nervous system, to the power of your muscles, to the distributed sensitivity of your skin.

And at this year’s global gathering, you’ll discover new information that shows that this intelligence extends far beyond your body.

When you learn to cultivate this Body Intelligence (“BQ”), you’ll experience a powerful correlation between your body’s natural, deep wisdom and your ability to positively influence the world around you — impacting choices in your daily life, your relationships and your work.

Register for free to learn from top Body Intelligence experts who are illuminating how intricately creative, wonderfully harmonious and profoundly connected your body really is!


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