Inspiring Women with Soul 2016

Join a Vibrant Community of Visionary Women with Soul!

Imagine, connecting with amazing women who inspire you.

Imagine sharing your unique gifts with the world... bringing the change you know is possible.
Imagine feeling so LOVED and loving others so deeply that you don’t know whether you want to laugh or cry, or both.

What we're naming might be described as living an inspired life.

And we want to give you a path that will help make it real!

Making it real means you wake up each morning feeling deeply GRATEFUL for the day ahead... a life where you feel truly aligned in your body, mind and spirit.

You’re connected to a community of powerful, kindred souls, who celebrate your heart’s desires and challenge you to live out your highest calling.

To set you on this path, we’re convening an incredible lineup of awe-inspiring women who’ll share the essential keys for living a soul-powered life — one filled with passion and purpose... and you’re invited!

Join us for Inspiring Women with Soul!


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