Audio/Video Stops or Loops Back to the Beginning

There are several issues that can cause a recording to stop and loop back to the beginning of the recording when attempting playback. When this happens, it usually occurs fairly near to the beginning of a recording, for example 6 minutes into a two-hour long recording.


You may not have fast enough upload/download speed to properly play the audio/video. We recommend that you start by rebooting your modem, as sometimes that can resolve a temporary issue.

If that doesn't resolve the situation, you may want to find out what speed/bandwidth you are receiving from your provider and consider upgrading your service. 

You can use this free online speed test to find out what you are actually getting as compared to what you are supposed to be receiving from your internet service provider.


If a recording or download stops part way or loops back to the beginning, your browser may not be caching the file completely. 

The intend of the cache is just to prevent your computer from downloading the same content multiple times if it's not necessary. Many browsers clear their cache automatically when you completely quit out of them, so first try restarting your browser, or rebooting and then restarting your browser.

If restarting does not resolve the issue, the problem can usually be fixed by clearing your browser's cache. Clearing your browser cache isn't harmful, so feel free to do it. (Click here for an online article with instructions on how to clear your cache.)


In addition to the above issues with speed/bandwidth and cache, sometimes a file fails to download completely. The simple solution is to just try downloading it again.

Please note that mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc.) generally cannot download files. To play a recording on your device, use the media players on the Course Homepage. To transfer a file to your device, first download it to a computer and then sync it to your device.


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