Downloading Instructions

You are welcome to download your paid course or summit materials to your own computer for permanent access and your personal use. (Content is not to be shared with others or posted online per your agreement to the Terms & Conditions of your purchase.)

Please note that mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc.) generally cannot download files. To play a recording on your device, use the media players on the Course Homepage website. To transfer a file to your device, first download it to a computer and then sync it to your device.

Downloading Instructions:

Click on the "Download Audio Link" located underneath the Audio Replay icon.

If your audio does not automatically start to download with the Download Audio link, you can force the download, by performing the following:

1. Right-click directly on the "Download Audio" link or transcript icon.
(If you use a Mac, hold down "Control" and do a normal click)

2. From the pop-up menu that then displays, select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

3. The "Save As" window will display. You can choose a different file name and select where on your computer to save the audio - many people select their Desktop or Downloads Folder. Select desired location and make any name changes to file and click Save. Be patient, as this make take a few minutes, depending on your connection speed.

4. If it appears downloading has finished but you do not see anything, check the location you chose above or your Downloads Folder as a default location. If needed, you may perform a search by file name to locate the downloaded audio. 

Note that if you have iTunes on your computer, audio recordings will often default to opening or saving directly into iTunes.

Videos & Transcripts:

The same instructions apply to downloading recorded video content, and PDF or Word Transcripts.


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