How to Access Live SUMMIT Sessions, Free Replays & Premium Upgrades

Where is the Program Schedule and Replays page?

Once you've registered for the free events, you can access the summit Program Schedule and Replays page for any summit for a limited time through your orientation email. Please let us know if you need the link! We'd be happy to email it over right away. (If you've purchased the upgrade package, you will also have ongoing access to the content, transcripts and bonuses.)

How do I listen to the live calls?

If you've already registered, we've emailed you a phone number and personal PIN code. (Don't see it in your inbox? Please check your spam.) Or, you can use our General Access Number. Click here for local access numbers or here for Skype instructions.

You can also listen live via webcast, from the summit Program Schedule and Replays page.   

How do I listen to the free replays?

Recordings are posted on the summit Program Schedule and Replays page, usually within 24 hours after the live call. Then it's available to you for free replay for a limited time, usually 48 hours. Click on the speaker’s name on the left, and the "Play audio" section will appear above the speaker’s bio once it has been posted.

How do I access the upgrade recordings, downloads and transcripts?

If you have purchased the upgrade package, you may sign in at the Premium access page by entering your email address (the same one you used when purchasing the upgrade) in the box at the top. (If you don't see the Sign In bar, you're probably already signed in. Just try an audio to confirm.) You'll have access to all of the audio replays as they become available. If a transcript has been processed — this is usually complete within two weeks after the live call — you'll see that too, right next to the "Play audio" section.



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