Ways to Connect to a COURSE Class Session

Accessing Live Sessions by Telephone: 

  • Joining by phone is recommended as the most reliable way to participate in live calls and breakout groups.
  • Land lines are best. Cell phones are an option if you have good coverage.
  • Telephone access is not toll-free; we recommend you obtain an unlimited long distance or comparable plan to avoid charges.
  • Main dial-in number has been sent to you via email and is also posted on your Course Homepage
  • See our MaestroConference access page for additional dial-in numbers, which can be used at any time.
  • Your Unique PIN has been sent to you via email and is also posted on your Course Homepage
  • General PIN has been sent to you via email and is also posted on your Course Homepage (if you have any trouble with Your Unique PIN)
  • If neither PIN seems to be working, select an alternate phone number and try with either PIN.

Accessing Live Sessions by Webphone: 

  • Free webphone services are available through SkypeGoogle Voice and MaestroConference Webphone.
  • As a courtesy to our customers who need an alternative to using a telephone, we offer these suggestions.
  • We cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of services provided by Skype, Google Voice, or Maestro Webphone.
  • The quality or speed of your internet service may affect your ability to successfully use these options.
  • See our MaestroConference access page for details on recommended webphone services.
  • If using Skype, Google Voice, etc., enter your PIN using the service's virtual dial-pad rather than typing it on your computer keyboard.

MaestroConference Keypad Controls:
1 through 5 are Shift Network conventions only. (Other organizations using MaestroConference may have different conventions.)

  1. Raise your hand to ask a question or make a comment.
  2. Opt out of breakout groups.
  3. Request assistance from a course facilitator (if available).
  4. Opt in to breakout groups.
  5. Request technical support.
  6. Mute/unmute your line.*

* Note that the system does not give you feedback to let you know whether you have muted or umuted yourself. Therefore, we recommend using this function carefully.

Accessing Live Sessions by Webcast: Each class session has a unique webcast link, provided in the schedule below. The webcast allows you to listen to the class and to submit questions, but please note that it does not allow you to participate in breakout group discussions.

Questions for the Faculty: You can submit questions for your course faculty in advance via webcast, by clicking the blue "Join the Next Webcast" button at the top of this page, and then utilizing the question-box at the lower left of the webcast page.

Accessing Recordings, Transcripts, and Handouts:  Click on the title of a session in the schedule below, and it will expand to show you the audios, transcripts, and handouts that are available. The small icons that display on the far right side of the schedule indicate that media has been posted. Downloadable and streamable recordings are generally available within 1 day, and transcripts in approximately 1 week.


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