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Participating in one of The Shift Network Course Community Groups on Facebook is optional to you, but you will need to have your own Facebook account in order to join the Course Community Group for the live course you are enrolled in. If you do not yet have a Facebook account, (or if you want to start a new Facebook account just for your course participation), you can go to Facebook online and sign up for your free personal account in just a few easy steps:

  • To sign up for a new account, go to You will be asked to enter your name, birthday, gender and email address into the form. (Note that you are not required to use your full or legal name.)
  • Then pick a password, (and make sure to write it down so you can log in later!).
  • After you complete the sign-up form, Facebook will send you a confirmation email at the email address you provided.
  • Go into your email account and find the confirmation email. Just click the confirmation link to complete the sign-up process. Note that if you use Gmail, this email may land in your Social inbox tab, rather than in your Primary inbox tab, if your inbox is configured with tabs. (Can't find the email? Did you check your Spam file?)
  • Once logged on to your new Facebook account, you may be asked to provide additional information for your profile. These details are optional, and you can always click “skip” to come back later to fill in your profile. You are not required to upload your photo if you don't want your photo on Facebook.
  • You can also adjust the levels of privacy and security on your account.
  • For help, please go to:

You are welcome to close your account once you have taken the course. The course community group will remain open for up to one year after the completion of your course.

Note: On-demand courses and summits do not have their own Facebook Community Groups.

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