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Every year we create a vast array of free educational content in diverse areas related to the evolution of consciousness and humanity. 

What sets us apart from most transformational education companies is that our content does not focus solely on your personal transformation but also on how we can together shift our world in the areas that are most critical and in ways that are innovative and inspiring. 



We believe advancing the emerging science and art of peace building from the inner (personal) to international (collective) levels is essential to helping humanity make a shift to a just and sustainable world that works for all.  

Because of this, we have made a deep commitment to promoting peace education, events and collaborations in the world.  

Since 2010, our peace programs have have reached over 110,000 people in 141 countries.   

They provide skills training, inspirational stories, and powerful solutions from the world’s top peace builders, social change leaders, scientists, Indigenous elders and spiritual mentors.

We seek to inspire, inform and involve people by spreading the best peace practices from around the world and encourage meaningful action in daily life.  

Our peace programs include:

  • Summer of Peace: an annual event with free online educational summits featuring leading peacebuilders from around the world. The Summer of Peace culminates on and builds supports for the annual United Nations International Day of Peace on September 21.

  • Yoga Day Summit: a free online summit celebrating the International Day of Yoga, features renowned teachers from across the planet and highlights the ancient inner science of peace.

  • Peace Ambassador Training: our flagship certification training on the science and art of peace building with over 1,100 graduates from 47 countries.

  • World Peace Library: one of the first and most extensive FREE online resources for peace education from inner to international levels. Our library features over 375 free interviews with leading peace builders from around the world and covers peace building in 26 different sectors of society.

The Shift Network is partnering with a number of organizations in advancing strategic initiatives, including the International Cities of Peace in creating 1,000 Cities of Peace by 2020; Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education in promoting global compassion education; the Alliance for Peacebuilding on countering violent extremism; and, PeaceJam and 13 Nobel Peace Laureates in promoting global peace education. 



An outgrowth of The Shift Network’s Peace programs has been an active commitment to Indigenous Peoples.

We believe that it is essential for the wisdom of Indigenous communities to be honored and at the forefront of conversations and efforts for societal transformation. 

Because of this, we are committed to playing a role in healing the wounds caused by the violation of their people and cultures, supporting Indigenous communities and collaborating with Indigenous leaders.  

Since 2011, we have featured dozens of teachers from Indigenous traditions around the world.  

We developed the Declaration of Commitment to Indigenous Peoples, for which we have collected over 10,000 signatures.

Our free annual Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit (and before that, special segments in our Summer of Peace) features Indigenous leaders sharing not just prayers, sacred songs, spiritual teachings and pathways to healing, but also important wisdom for taking right action and living on earth at this remarkable, prophesied time.

Many Indigenous leaders from around the world have shared concrete examples of actions for birthing a new era — in which all members of the human family are treated with respect, understanding, compassion and justice.

Over 20,000 people — Indigenous and others — have participated in these events.  

We have also been active in supporting some important initiatives, including: 

  • We sponsored a campaign that raised nearly $70,000 for the Indigenous Summit of the Americas in Panama in 2015. Additionally, our Director of Summits, Alison Marks, attended the event and captured bilingual video interviews with Indigenous leaders from Central and South America which we shared in our Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit, playing a part in fulfilling the prophecy of the unification of the condor, the quetzal and the eagle (representing the Indigenous peoples of South, Central and North America).

  • Two of our team members attended and supported the International Indigenous Leadership Gathering at St'at'imc Territory outside of Vancouver.

  • Alison was also invited to join an esteemed group of Indigenous and environmental leaders — Wisdom Keepers — sitting in council and holding ceremonial space outside Paris during COP21.

  • The Shift Network supported fundraising for a local group on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to cover the costs of horses and riders during the 8-day ride commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Massacre at Wounded Knee. We also supported an effort to coordinate healing ceremonies around the world at sites of other massacres on this same day. Three of our team members were present at Wounded Knee during the ceremony when the riders arrived.



The Shift Network is committed to promoting environmental sustainability as a primary pillar of the shifts toward a world that works for all.  

We believe that climate change is one of the most important issues facing humanity and that together we must find solutions.  

Since 2012, our Spring of Sustainability programming has included a free online event which has featured hundreds of top global green pioneers, innovators, visionaries and change agents from some of the world’s largest and most effective sustainability organizations.

Nearly 40,000 global citizens have tuned in for skills training, inspiration and powerful solutions for our global environmental issues.


We thank you for your interest in our free educational programming and the work we are doing in these important areas that are so near and dear to our Shift Network's heart!





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