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We are deeply committed to supporting the shift toward a planet that is healthy, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous for all. To this end, we are striving to make an impact on multiple fronts. 

First and foremost is our transformational content designed to support you in accessing your full potential and bringing your gifts to the world so that together we shift things in profound ways. 

Every year we feature a vast array of free inspirational and educational content that covers a wide range of personal transformative practices as well as important social change topics.  

We also create over 70 in-depth courses each year, to which we give hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships so that transformational education can be available to all those who seek it.  

As we create our programming and grow the network, we strive to be a great place to work, one that values employee wellness, growth, and community service. 

Additionally, we believe that shifting the paradigm in business means that for-profit companies (like us) can and must consider overall social and environmental impact as a measure of how well we’re doing. We are committed to providing value to all our stakeholders — including people and the planet. 

To that end, we give a large percentage of our annual profits to charitable organizations. 

We have also allocated a significant amount of company stock toward nonprofits that are profoundly shifting our world.



From 2014-2015, The Shift Network gave 12.2% of our profits to charitable organizations. 

By comparison, the company that is widely recognized for giving the highest percentage of profits is Alcoa at 12.1%. 

In 2015, we supported the following organizations with $65,000 in donations and raising well over $75,000 in contributions from our community:

Indigenous Summit of the Americas

Wounded Knee events

Shared Hope International

Search for Common Ground

Friends Committee on National Legislation

World Water Day Well

Sanctuary of Open Heart

Source of Synergy

Waves for Water



In addition to our annual giving, we have pledged two million shares of founding stock to nonprofit organizations that are making a big difference in the transformation of our planet, such as The Pachamama Alliance, Friends Committee on National Legislation, and Shared Hope International.


For additional information regarding Shift Impact, please visit our new website (coming soon ~ June 2016).

We thank you for your interest in an aspect of The Shift Network that means a great deal to us and lies at the heart of everything we strive for!


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