Shakti Summit 2016

Join us in igniting a passionate life infused with heart, sensuality and spirit!

Originally broadcast on July 5 - 7, 2016

As women, it’s essential that we learn to nurture and expand our authentic feminine energy. Too often, however, our Shakti gets buried under piles of obligations and a laundry list of “shoulds.”

We simply can’t run on adrenaline and testosterone without extinguishing our natural essence. The rhythms of a female body and soul require a more feminine fuel, a sensuous flow to truly feel the joy, love and beauty of being alive.

The goods news is that whatever stage of life you’re in — and whether you are single or in partnership — the luminous teachers in The Shakti Summit are offering their deep insights about practical ways to bring more pleasure into each day.

When you register for The Shakti Summit, you will become part of a global sisterhood — from young women to elders — who recognize and honor their Shakti as the source of their pleasure and power.

Sign up for FREE to discover how to awaken and liberate your sacred feminine Shakti energy — embracing the true beauty and blessings of womanhood — and attract a passionate life overflowing with heart, sensuality and Spirit!

Join us for the Shakti Summit!


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