Shamanism Global Summit 2016

Join us for a Journey into the Heart of Ancient Spiritual Wisdom with Shamanic Practices

Broadcast July 19-21, 2016

After centuries of misunderstanding, shamanism is taking its rightful place as one of the great spiritual systems for awakening, healing and transformation... and this resurgence could not be happening at a more critical time in our history.

Shamanism provides a pathway of hope and practical action — allowing you to build inner resources and access sacred guidance that can support you in becoming a positive and effective agent of change. It can also help you cultivate spiritual alignment, abundance and love in your life, as well as a natural sense of sacred connection to the world around you.

In short, shamanism can bring you home to your highest self — and assist humanity with transcending self-defeating patterns and instead foster a soul-powered way of living on Mother Earth that truly benefits all.

Shamanism is not only the most ancient spiritual practice on Earth — one that has served individuals and communities globally for tens of thousands of years — it’s also one of the most diverse.

For example, the practices of a Siberian shaman and an Amazonian shaman can be radically different, although there are core principles and practices that are truly universal. This diversity is one of the most exciting and fascinating aspects of this ancient yet expanding field: There are so many gateways into different relationships with plants, animals, human beings and other levels of consciousness.

Some shamans work with guardian beings and subtle realms; others focus on sound technologies (like didgeridoos); while still others focus on the power of communal ritual. Some access visionary healing states through plant medicines while others have relationships with plants which focus more on offering herbal remedies for disease.

And the good news is that whatever your core passion and path, The Shamanism Global Summit will give you access to some of today’s most profound teachers and healers who are sharing not only traditional Indigenous practices, but also a new wave of teachings that integrate time-honored wisdom with more contemporary psychology and spiritual systems.

Join us for the Shamanism Global Summit!


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