Transformational Author Summit 2016

Industry Experts Share Insider Secrets so YOU can become a Published Transformational Author!

Original broadcast September 27-29, 2016

The power of transformation is within you...

The stories you have inside you are truly unique... and the world is ready for you to share them!

No one else has written, or will ever write, the book that’s within YOU. Your life stories and wisdom are as individual as your fingerprint and informed by the lived experiences and life lessons only you have.

AND your message can impact lives... maybe even shift the world!

Join us to discover exactly how to tap into the power and authenticity of your life stories and share your unique message with the world — by writing your book and becoming a published author!

During The Transformational Author Summit, you’ll hear from international bestselling authors, industry leaders and marketing experts who’ll share the keys to successfully writing, publishing and promoting YOUR book.

Are you ready?

Writing a book — let alone publishing and promoting it — is no simple task.

Every book, like every author, also has a particular journey — from conception to writing to editing to revising to publishing to promotion. And there are so many questions along the way!

Maybe you’re wondering just where to begin? Or maybe you have a collection of writings but need help editing and organizing? Or maybe you’ve made it all the way to a manuscript but haven’t a clue about how to take the next step... or what the next step might be!

Do you self-publish, seek an agent or just publish an ebook? And how do you get publishers and agents to notice your work among the thousands of manuscripts and book proposals that flood their offices?

Then comes the marketing — which can be daunting even for seasoned authors!

How do you differentiate your book from others in the field? What about podcasts and social media? There are SO many ways to get your book into the hands of those who can benefit!

If merely reading this feels overwhelming, you’ve come to the right place. Our editors, agents, publishing and marketing experts will give you the best practices for finding the publishing path that’s right for you.

During this unparalleled 3-day virtual gathering, you’ll discover:

  • How to get noticed by literary agents & publishers
  • Ways to start (& finish!) writing your transformational book
  • The path to creating long-term author success
  • How to leverage the power of your authentic story
  • The best publishing option for your book
  • Insider tips for growing your author platform
  • Press releases that get you seen, heard & paid
  • Profitable book-based businesses
  • Publicity & how to reach more readers
  • How to master money & become a 6- or 7-figure author
  • Your distinct message & how to make a difference

It’s time to step into your highest calling, experience deep fulfillment and bring healing to our world by sharing your unique wisdom and gifts.

Join us for the Transformational Author Summit!


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