Hakomi Global Summit 2016

Discover the fastest-growing healing modality for personal growth & your professional practice!

Originally broadcast October 4-6, 2016

We are all multidimensional beings with complex biological, psychological and spiritual needs, yearning to experience balance and wholeness in our lives...

And now, leading the fields of psychotherapy, spiritual practice and neuroscience, there's a growing recognition that people are most effectively treated holisticallyacknowledging, nurturing and integrating each aspect of our being.

That’s where Hakomi comes in....

The beauty and power of this healing modality is that every aspect is infused with the core principles of gentleness, nonviolence, compassion and mindfulness evolved from Buddhism and Taoism.

Hakomi brings together the best of the West and the East in an all-encompassing holistic framework.

It’s not surprising that those on a journey of self-inquiry and personal growth are often frustrated by traditional models of psychology that only focus on one or two areas of development... and fall short of the life-changing breakthroughs we know in our hearts are possible.

Similarly, therapeutic and healing professionals are often discouraged by not having the kind of direct and intimate relationships with their clients that culminate in positive sustainable results, as well as nurture their practices and nourish their own lives.

Hakomi is becoming one of the fastest-growing integrated healing modalities because it addresses ALL these challenges and more...

Hakomi blends deep mindfulness practices with an experience-based somatic approach to fully embracing each person in a grounded and holistic way. AND there’s a heartfelt, long-term commitment, among Hakomi practitioners, to their OWN growth, both personal and professional.

And now, you can discover invaluable insights and cutting-edge practices from an unprecedented gathering of the world’s leading experts during The Hakomi Global Summit.

If you’re new to Hakomi, you’ll gain a clear understanding of thefoundational principles and practical techniques you can apply — to experience more freedom, balance and clarity in all areas of your life.

And if you’re already using Hakomi professionally, join us to expand your knowledge and skill set, so you can utilize it more effectively in your existing practice — in a way that brings you more aliveness and a deeper level of integration, connectedness and healing for your clients.

New to Hakomi? During this one-of-a-kind 3-day event, you’ll discover:

  • Key practices for integrated growth & development
  • A deeper psychological & spiritual healing experience
  • A balanced, accessible approach to transformation work
  • Greater vision, clarity & movement in the areas where you’re stuck
  • A more grounded foundation for experiencing life
  • Ways to deeply root into your authentic Self
  • How to transform beliefs that cause unnecessary suffering & block emotional nourishment
  • Expanded mind-body awareness for holistic healing
  • Techniques for unfolding experiences & living more consciously
  • Insights for fostering greater intimacy & connections with others

Are you a professional? Expand and deepen your knowledge of Hakomi for your professional practice and discover:

  • Ways people organize themselves in the world & as healers
  • Greater inspiration, aliveness & efficacy in your work
  • How to offer loving, embodied presence in a way that’s most healing for your clients — and yourself
  • Powerful techniques for teaching through experiences vs. words
  • Mindfulness practices for getting below your clients’ surface stories & projections
  • Insights on Body Tracking for a more direct relationship with the unconscious
  • Practices to help unfold experiences with couples, moment-to-moment
  • A sense of belonging with a community of healers who can support you where you are on your journey
  • Ways to infuse more compassion, patience, organicity & nonviolence into your process

Join us for Hakomi Global Summit 2016!


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