Bestselling Author’s Intensive with Gay Hendricks, PhD

Welcome to The Bestselling Author’s Intensive with Gay Hendricks, PhD! Our intention is for you to discover the secrets to writing with joy, flow and ease AND having your book become a bestseller.

In addition to the eight teaching modules, Gay Hendricks will offer two LIVE Q&A sessions. In these sessions, driven entirely by your most pressing questions, Gay will make himself available as an expert coach for everyone in the Intensive, sharing his perceptive feedback, tips and strategies. 

You’ll marvel at how quickly Gay can move through the “noise” and get down to root beliefs. Whether you’re asking the questions or just witnessing, you’ll discover a great deal about how to navigate the inevitable challenges of writing a bestselling book and building a platform to expand your reach and message. 

While this course is self paced, we recommend completing the first 3 modules before our 1st Q&A session.

To Access the Course, please visit your Virtual Course Homepage:
Sign in using the email address used to register for the course, and select "Bestselling Author’s Intensive with Gay Hendricks" from your list of courses.   

Note: This course was originally offered as a 12-week "live" course, so some of the technical terminology used in the recordings, e.g. "PIN numbers," only apply to the live course, so you can simply ignore them. If you have any issues with getting in to the website or with aspects of the course, please visit our support site at        

Breakout Groups: You will hear reference to "breakout groups" and "practice groups" during each call. Since your course is virtual, we encourage you pause the recording after the topics for these groups are presented, and take the time to reflect on the question or topic at hand to deepen your awareness and understanding. We encourage you to journal about the topic or question during this time - or, if you have brought together a group of friends to take the course, work with them during this time.    

Writing Buddies: You will hear reference to writing buddies in this course, which was also part of the live component. If you would like to connect with a fellow writer, we strongly recommend joining your course community group and connecting with your fellow writers there.      

Click here to register for the course:

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