Shift Leadership Roundtable 2016

Aired December 6-8, 2016

Discover the keys to YOUR Evolutionary Leadership from TOP visionaries, entrepreneurs, authors & agents for change!

Do you feel called to play a bigger role in the cultural shift that’s taking place... to a world that is more conscious, THRIVING and truly works for all?

Does your vision include launching a project, initiative or business that is profitable AND has a positive impact in the world?

Are you seeking the leadership skills to grow your vision and take this next step toward fulfilling your highest potential.... Fully embodying your unique gifts and talents?

Or the right mentors who’ll show you how to lead from your heart and soul while being effective, philanthropic and successful?

During Shift Leadership Roundtable, you’ll receive key mindset shifts, practical strategies and simple next steps to unleash your full purpose and power from a diverse cross section of visionary leaders — from luminaries to political leaders to entrepreneurs to social change agents and more.

Discover how you can become more clear, confident, committed, aligned, focused and UNSTOPPABLE as you step into your next level of leadership and life’s work — so YOU can expand your impact and influence as a Shift Leader and change agent. 

Whether you’re well established and working with a large team, or a solopreneur in the early stages of a launching a startup, nonprofit or NGO... our incredible lineup of pioneers, mentors and coaches will show you how to lead in a way that's deeply fulfilling, financially abundant and in service to the world.

Unlock your personal and professional leadership potential when you join us for this revolutionary series!




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