Money and Women Summit 2018

Live event aired May 22-24

Discover Powerful Practices & Profound Wisdom to Uplift Your Financial Life!

How does money make you feel?

Does thinking about finances stir feelings of struggle or regret? Or shame that you’re not earning what you want to? Do you feel anxious that you don’t know what you think you should know — or who to ask your most pressing questions?

Or does money make you feel confident and free... empowered to live your life more fully... in alignment with your values, goals, and purpose?

We all need money to get along in this world. And beyond that — no matter what your financial situation is — money offers experiences and life lessons that mirror deeper truths about personal power, your role in the world, your relationships, and so much more.

Money is an “emotional currency,” carrying weight far beyond its face value... and influencing our perception of our own worth and worthiness.

Your feelings and attitudes about money can influence the level of abundance that comes into your life even more than how much is in your bank account...

If you’ve cleared your blocks around money and have a healthy relationship with wealth, your financial situation tends to be positive, too. The opposite is also true — especially if you have underlying belief systems or trauma that manifest as chaos, stress, or under earning.

Most women fall into one of two categories: either you have the money you want and want to learn how to do more with your money... or you don’t have the money you want and you want to learn how to find your financial power.

One of the blocks many conscious women experience is the internalized message that financial abundance is not “spiritual.” In addition, women on a spiritual path often feel conflicted about having wealth when so many of our global sisters are living in poverty. Or, we may feel that it’s unethical to profit from our spiritual gifts.In truth, empowering yourself financially allows you to support — in a balanced and respectful way — the things you care about in your community and beyond. Most of us want to give, but when one gives from a position of lack rather than appreciation, it’s difficult to sustain giving.

You can can transform your relationship with money by changing your attitudes, energy, and behaviors around “wealth” — along with acquiring vital tools for generating wealth, stewarding your resources, planning your giving, launching your side business or charity, and more.

These are just a few of the things our experts — including Lynne Twist, Vicki Robin, Dr. Cozette White, Dame DC Cordova, Kate Levinson, Hazel Henderson, Patricia Stallworth, Carol Look, and others — will be sharing with you during the first-ever summit about money for women.

Join this one-of-a-kind online event (at no charge) to learn from an incredible lineup of compassionate leaders — women who are illuminating the path for you as you heal money wounds, thrive abundantly, and manifest your highest potential!



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