Summer of Peace 2018

The live event aired August 7-9!

Are you disheartened by the increasing division showing up around the world?

Are you concerned for our future — and for the future of generations to come?

When you get right down to it, as a human race we have what it takes to transform our world. We DO have the will, the intelligence, the resources, the heart, and the leaders to address and heal the areas of our planet that need it most...

There are brilliant changemakers all over the globe making meaningful progress on critical issues — the environment, health, human rights, women’s issues, economic justice, and peace, to name a few.

And, we’re being called to work in collaboration and partnership like never before, to create the comprehensive changes we need... for a world that works for all.

So what’s keeping us from achieving global transformation?

Division, differences, “othering,” NIMBY (not in my backyard), and more...

This fragmentation is not new; however, as our world has become more connected, the impact of divisions and violence ripples further and faster than ever and is increasing every day. We all witness this in the news, on social media, in community group meetings, even in levels of government.

Finding Common Ground, taking place August 7-9, offers a path forward...

This 3-day Finding Common Ground summit shares cutting-edge peace practices for building bridges, closing gaps, and connecting and promoting agents for change who are working to create a comprehensive blueprint for global transformation.

We’ll highlight changemakers and their personal stories of transformations that led them to authentic and powerful action. These stories include a Palestinian living in Bethlehem who turned to the ancient wisdom of Jesus (love your enemy) to learn how to love Israelis; a former CIA counterintelligence agent working with the U.S. military in the Iraq war who has created a global movement, “others into brothers,” turning enemies into allies; and an African American musician who befriended KKK leaders and engaged them in the work to end racism in America — and so many more.

You’ll discover the insights they gleaned and the tools they used, so YOU can stay positive and engaged in the face of challenging situations. You’ll also join an inspiring global community working for the promotion of peace, justice, sustainability, and lasting change.



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