Dreamwork Summit 2018

Live event aired November 13-16

What if you could access all the wisdom you need for living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life... from your nighttime dreams?

Imagine if your dreamtime could provide you with the necessary insights to integrate your soul’s deep knowledge and create the life you desire.

Well... it actually does.

Since ancient times, civilizations have looked to their nighttime dreams for wisdom — to foretell the future, cure sickness, and communicate with the gods.

This type of communication was considered divine intervention, and in some cultures, only those with supernatural powers could interpret the hidden mysteries that dreams reveal.

Paying attention to your dreams and deciphering the messages living in the images, symbols, characters, and landscapes that appear can be a magical experience. And today, anyone can practice dreamwork... and reap its many benefits.

Dreamwork can help you gain insights into how to heal an illness, mend a difficult relationship, jumpstart a creative project, or make a big life decision.

Your dreams can give you a glimpse into your future — helping you better navigate what lies ahead. Some dreamers have even found themselves visiting other realms, and even past or parallel lives, in their dreams.

And our dreams can also be where deceased loved ones visit us, offering the possibility for healing, forgiveness, and closure.

That’s why we’re excited to invite you to join The Dreamwork Summit — a global gathering of leading dreamwork experts, renowned psychology professionals, and inspiring authors who will be sharing a unique variety of dreamwork approaches and ways to open to your inner guidance that will transform your relationship to your dreams — and to yourself — to heal, enliven, and expand your life.

Join us to discover how you can access the soul-guided wisdom, healing power, and creative inspiration emerging nightly in your dreams!



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