Conscious Partnering Conference 2019

Live event aired February 19-22

Are you longing for true partnership?

What if every relationship in your life was built on authenticity, conscious communication, and collaboration?

Conditioning, trauma, and fear may be preventing you from creating the conscious connections you desire...

Other unconscious patterns can also block your ability to align your actions with what you most want to create in your life... and the world around you.

The genius of collaboration, the joys of love, and the gifts of social synergy can only emerge out of conscious partnerships...

Yet, these skills are not innate.

You can discover the keys to true intimacy and co-creating with others during the Conscious Partnering Conference, taking place online February 19-22, 2019 — at no charge.

Our powerful lineup of esteemed teachers will share with you exactly how to build successful relationships, business partnerships, and collaborations — from your home to the office to groups that share your passion for positive change — based on clear principles and practices that create fulfilling partnerships and allow everyone’s gifts to shine.

Discover new skills and practices you can apply in every area of your life... from finding and sustaining romance and creating deeper bonds with your children to building fun and successful business partnerships and collaborating with others to bring about peace, sustainability, and abundance for all.

The evolutionary speakers in this series will empower you to transform your life (and our world) through ALL of your relationships.




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