Ancestral Healing Summit 2019

The live event aired April 8-12, 2019.

What if you could clear yourself and your lineages of old wounds?

How would that change your family, your relationships, your health, your destiny, and even our beautiful Earth?

All around the globe, people have historically cultivated relationships with the wise ancestral guides in their bloodlines to help heal turbulence within their families…

In most modern societies, however, we’ve lost touch with the healing power of ancestor work, and with our deep spiritual connection to those in our lineages that have a potent influence on our current personal and cultural wellbeing.

That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you to The Ancestral Healing Summit — a global gathering of leading ancestral healing experts and inspiring teachers who will be sharing a powerful synthesis of spirituality and shamanism, science and psychology, and ancient wisdom from around the world that will transform your life and your lineages.

Whether you’re new to ancestral repair work or you already incorporate it in your life — you’ll discover new practices and insights for connecting with those among your ancestors who are bright and loving… to break free from the painful legacies of those who aren’t yet at peace… and to open the door to healing and transformation.

The visionary speakers in this series will bring to light the curative powers of ancestral healing — which you can experience to shift your present and our future.




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