Yoga of Healing & Awakening Summit 2019

The live event aired June 21-24, 2019.
Are you ready to transform your practice...and your life?
While yoga strengthens and tones your physical body, its deeper gifts invite you to access so much more...

Beyond the vitalizing asanas, yoga is a transformational tool for accessing the wisdom and guidance that’s available to you, within you. It’s the key to unlocking your capacity to shift your energy... heal chronic illness, stuck emotions, stress, and anxiety... unify with a greater intelligence... and navigate life with a lot more ease.

That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you to our brand-new global gathering, the Yoga of Healing and Awakening Summit!

What makes this series unique are the visionary masters and esteemed practitioners — 50+ world-renowned yogis, swamis, swaminis, sages, musicians, scientists, and beloved teachers from around the world — who’ll be sharing powerful depth teachings.

You’ll go beyond trendy exercise routines and deep into a holistic practice that promises to shift your present and our future.

With more than 60 sessions — including exclusive videos with yogis on the banks of the sacred Ganges River — you’ll enjoy the opportunity to experience and celebrate the beauty, power, and depth of yoga as a vehicle for living a divine life and creating a world built on Oneness.

Whether you’re new to yoga or you’re a seasoned practitioner — you’ll discover new practices, guided meditations, soothing sound baths, and healing breathwork for restoring, balancing, and invigorating your body, mind, and soul.

The live summit is over. Register now to receive two recordings from the event:






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