Why haven’t I received my course emails?

Weekly course emails can contain time-sensitive information or schedule changes that we wouldn't want you to miss. If you are not receiving course emails after purchasing a course, please check the following: 

1. Make sure you are using the same email account associated with your order.

It's pretty common these days for participants to have multiple email addresses and to forget which one they used when they registered for their course. If you have more than one email address, please check each one carefully for your course emails. Also, if you purchased the course with PayPal, the email address associated with your PayPal account will be linked to this purchase. Check that email account for course emails.

2. Make sure our emails land in your inbox.

  • Check Spam/Junk Folder and Promotions Tab
  • Add to Your Safe/Approved Sender List (or Your Contacts List). If you don't find the addresses listed above in spam, junk, or promotions, add them to your Safe/Approved Sender List (or your Contacts List). If necessary, do an internet search for your email service provider for instructions (for example: "add to safe sender list Hotmail").
  • Create a Rule or Filter. Direct all emails from any addresses containing "theshiftnetwork" to your inbox (or a folder of your choosing). Contact your email service provider or do an internet search for instructions. Yahoo users:

Some email providers implement filters that result in Shift Network emails being intercepted. You may have received our emails in the past, and they are now being blocked. Filters can be updated by a provider at any time, without notice. Additionally, you may still be receiving marketing emails from us (sent from a different software platform), but purchase-related emails are being blocked. Unfortunately, the Shift Network cannot resolve the blocking practices of your service provider. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the suggestions above to rectify the issue.

If you continue not receiving purchase-related emails after going through the above troubleshooting steps, you'll need to contact your service provider directly. Alternatively, we suggest opening a free email account (such as Gmail) just for your course email.

Click here to contact Customer Support to test out receiving course emails once you have tried the steps above. 

3. Did you ever unsubscribe or opt out of receiving email from The Shift Network? If so, you'll need to contact us and opt back in or re-subscribe. 

4. There may be an accidental typo in the email address used to registration. It's easy to do, especially these days with so many people using tiny keypads on phones and tablets to place online orders, not to mention the auto-correct feature that sometimes changes what is entered. If you didn't receive an email receipt and an access email immediately upon ordering, please contact our Support Team for additional assistance.

Click here to contact Customer Support.

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