Referral Partner/Affiliate Commissions

If you have already registered as one of our Referral Partners, then you'll automatically be paid any commissions that you earn via the PayPal account email address you provided when you registered.

All commissions that you earn during a given month are paid to you on approximately the last day of the subsequent month, so long as your earnings have reached a minimum of $100. We hold earnings until you have accumulated $100 or more. Referral Partner Program commissions are paid in US Dollars. (Please note that our Referral Partners do not earn commissions on their own purchases.)

Please refer to the Affiliate/Referral Partner Agreement for the terms and conditions.

If you have any other questions about your commissions, please contact our Referral Partner Department directly at:

If you have not already registered as a Shift Network Referral Partner, you may do so through this link: 

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