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How to Unsubscribe

In compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, we provide an Opt-Out link at the bottom of every email that we send. This link usually consists of the text “Unsubscribe” or “Go Here To Update Your Information or Unsubscribe.” Every email we send out contains a "Manage My Subscription" option at the bottom of the email, so you can always unsubscribe yourself from promotional emails. 

You're also welcome to submit a Help Request to have our Support Team assist in unsubscribing you from a particular mailing list.

Course Participant Unsubscribes

If you are enrolled in any paid courses at The Shift Network, unsubscribing will generally not affect your ability to receive your course emails but will ensure that you no longer receive promotional emails from us. If you unsubscribe from a promotional email and find that you're no longer receiving your course reminder emails, please reach out to our support department for assistance. 

Unintentional Resubscribing

If you register for one of our free events after unsubscribing from our email list, you will resubscribe yourself to our mailing lists. Remember, you can unsubscribe again at the bottom of any email sent. 

Desired Resubscribing

If you have unsubscribed and wish to resubscribe, you may do so at any time by visiting our website and registering for any of our free events or submitting a Help Request to have our Support Team assist.

Multiple Email Addresses

If you have multiple email addresses and happen to be on our list with another one of your email accounts, you can manage your subscription via the Manage My Subscription page as well. 

Click here to contact Customer Support.

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