Install & Update Zoom

Installing Zoom to Participate in Live Courses

Before your course begins, please download Zoom, the FREE software you'll need to take best advantage of the course experience.

The Zoom link for class access becomes available on your Course Homepage when the session is about to start. The Course Homepage is found on the Premium Access Website by logging in with the email address you used to purchase the course. We will offer a brief orientation to the Zoom software 15 minutes prior to beginning your first class.

If you have not used Zoom before, please note that the Zoom installer file will download automatically when you join your first video class. Simply double-click on the downloaded file and let it walk you through the installation process. If you have any trouble with this automatic download, you can get the Zoom Client for Meetings from the Zoom download center.

If the system asks you, "How do you want to join the audio conference?," click the green button that reads "Join Audio by Computer."

Zoom Download Links for Mobile Devices

  • Click here to get the Zoom app from the App Store for Apple devices.
  • Click here to get the Zoom app from Google Play for Android devices.

Check for Updates! It is imperative that you’re using the most current version of Zoom or it may affect your live class sessions. Visit this link for video instructions on how to update Zoom. While using Zoom, watch for any notifications of new versions available and update as soon as you can.

Test your Zoom Connection

You can join a test Zoom meeting by visiting to familiarize yourself with Zoom and test your microphone and speakers. For full instructions please visit

We recommend the following practices for the best Zoom experience:

  • Connect with an ethernet cable for faster internet (as opposed to WiFi).
  • Make sure you have the most updated Zoom Software.
  • Use Google Chrome or Safari as your browser.
  • Quit high bandwidth programs not needed during live classes.
  • Have the Zoom phone numbers on hand as a backup connection.
  • Use a comfortable headset during the session.
  • Remove or turn off sound generating devices (landline telephones, cell phones, fans).
  • Should you choose to be on video, check your lighting so that your face is visible and not shaded or backlit.

If you have any trouble connecting to Zoom during class, please connect by phone with the instructions on the Course Homepage (accessed through the Premium Access Website), and AFTER class reach out to our Customer Support Team for additional support.

Click here to contact Customer Support 

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