About Our Free Summits

Most of our live summits are 100% FREE! Everyone also has the option to purchase the summit Upgrade Package, which offers unlimited access to all of the event recordings and transcripts, along with some fabulous bonuses. You can find more information about upcoming summits on our website

Program & Replays Page

If you registered to participate in a free summit, you should have received a "Welcome" email with a link to the event Program & Replays Page. You can access both the live sessions and the recordings on this page.

If you have not received your "Welcome" email, please check your spam/junk folder or Gmail Promotions tab.

Listen to or Watch Live Sessions

Go to the Program & Replays Page to listen to the LIVE sessions by audio webcast (or to watch the live streaming video if the summit has video content). The current session in progress will appear on the main page. Simply click on the play button to access the live stream.

Free Replays

The Program & Replays Page is also where the session replays are posted within 4 hours after each live session. Session replays normally remain available for 24 hours after the recordings are posted.

To listen, click on the speaker’s name or picture. The "Play Audio/Video" section will appear above the speaker’s bio once it has been posted.

NOTE: If you don’t see a replay option, either the recording is not posted yet, or the 24-hour, free playback window has expired. If you’ve had the Program & Replays Page open for a while, please refresh or reload the page to update it.

Audio Troubleshooting 

Our default audio and video players will work on most devices by clicking the “Play” button. Make sure the player is not muted by clicking the "max volume" speaker icon on the right side of the audio replay volume bar. For video replays, click on the blue volume bars, and make sure they are all highlighted for maximum volume. Also, check that the volume on your computer or device is turned up.


If you’re still not hearing anything, take one of the following steps:

  • Refresh/reload the Program & Replays page in your browser.
  • Try viewing the Program & Replays Page in a different web browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.
  • Quit and restart your web browser, and return to the Program & Replays Page.

Free Registration Bonus

Free registration bonuses are found on the summit Program & Replays Page.

Summit Upgrade Packages

For information about Summit Upgrade Packages—which offer permanent access to summit recordings, transcripts, and special bonuses—please visit: Buy Summit Upgrade for Permanent Access.

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