Download Course Material

Live course sessions are always recorded and available for online streaming and for downloading. 

Access Course Materials Online

Your purchase of a Shift Network course includes permanent access to all course content — accessible online or via downloads — unless refunded or otherwise specified.

You can visit the Course Homepage 24/7 to access audio and video recordings, transcripts and bonus materials at your convenience.

For live courses, session recordings become available 48 hours after each class. Transcripts are posted within one week. For on-demand courses, all session recordings and course materials are available upon purchase.

Access Course Materials Offline: Downloading

Audio and video recordings, transcripts, and course handouts may be downloaded to your computer or flash drive for offline use.

Downloading the course content is optional. Some people prefer not to take up space on their computer and choose to view the content online via the Course Homepage instead.

Note that, on rare occasions, materials   (such as special types of bonuses) may be provided that are only accessible online and may not be downloaded.

A Note About Mobile Devices

Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc.) generally cannot download files. (See exception below.*) When you are connected to wifi, you can play course recordings on your device via a web browser. To transfer a file to your device for offline access, first download it to a computer, and then sync it to your device.

* If you are using an Apple device and have or can upgrade to the new iOS 13, you can download directly to Apple devices via Safari. You can find details and instructions for downloading here:

How to Use Safari's New Downloads Manager in iOS 13

How to Download Recordings and Transcripts

To download a recording

Click on the "Download video" link directly beneath the video recording, or click on the green download icon on the right of the audio recording status bar.

To download transcripts

Click on either the Word or PDF transcript icon.


If your file does not automatically start to download, you can force the download by following the steps below:

  1. Right-click directly on the "Download" link or transcript icon. (If you use a Mac, hold down "Control" and do a normal click.)
  2. From the pop-up menu, select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As."
  3. The "Save As" window will display. Select where on your computer to save the file (many people select their Desktop or Downloads Folder), make any desired name changes to the file, and click Save. Be patient, as this may take a few minutes, depending on your connection speed.
  4. If it appears the downloading has finished, but you do not see anything, check the location you chose, above, or your Downloads Folder as a default location. If needed, you can perform a search by file name to locate the downloaded file.

Zip Files

A Zip File will be posted to your Course Homepage two weeks after the live program ends. The Zip File contains all of your program audio recordings and written materials and can be downloaded with one click of a mouse. Any video recordings will need to be downloaded individually, as they are too large to fit in the Zip File. Please allow at least 30 minutes for the Zip File to download due to file size and computer speed.

Please Note: For proprietary reasons, course materials are not to be shared with anyone who is not registered for the course. These materials are also not to be posted online. Thank you for your integrity in honoring this policy.

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