Zoom Audio Troubleshooting

Make sure Zoom is connected to your audio

The typical cause of audio issues is not having connected to Zoom Audio when you joined the meeting. 

After you've clicked on the link to join the Zoom session, you should see an option to "Join With Computer Audio" (or "Call Using Internet Audio" if you are using a mobile device). Click on that option. 

If you do not "Join With Computer Audio" upon entering the meetings and are unable to hear the speaker, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the headset at the bottom left of the Zoom window.
  2. Click on the prompt "Join With Computer Audio" (or "Call Using Internet Audio" on a mobile device).

Watch this Zoom Tutorial about video and audio settings

Click here to watch a YouTube video demonstrating how to test your computer audio and video.

Check the basics:

  • Are you attending at the correct session time?
  • Ensure that the volume on your speakers or device is on and raised sufficiently to hear clearly.
  • Ensure that your device's audio output settings are correct
  • Close other applications that may be using volume (i.e., Zoom, YouTube, etc)
  • We recommend using a headset or headphones or earbuds when listening to the video, as audio quality is typically better through headphones than on computer or mobile device speakers.
  • Do you have the most recent Zoom update? It is imperative that you are using the most current version of Zoom, or it may affect your live class sessions. Visit this link for video instructions on how to update Zoom.

Zoom Free Test Room

Join a free private Zoom meeting test room any time by visiting to test your microphone and speakers. 

Zoom Test Room Audio Check

On your Zoom dashboard, click on the arrow pointing up:

Click Test Speaker & Microphone in the menu:

Follow the prompts to test them. If you don't hear the sounds, ensure you have selected the correct microphone and speaker source:

If none of the above suggestions work, try the following:

  • Tune in via a different web browser; we recommend Firefox or Chrome.
  • Reboot your computer or device.
  • Test your internet connection speed for free at
  • Tune in via a different device.

If you need assistance beyond these recommendations, please contact Zoom Support directly.

If you have any trouble connecting to Zoom during class, please connect by phone with the instructions on the Course Homepage, and AFTER class, reach out to our Customer Support Team for additional assistance.

The video recording will be available on the Course Homepage 48 hours after the live broadcast.

Click here to contact Customer Support.

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