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For the majority of our online summits and events, we also offer amazing upgrade packages that give you permanent access to ALL of the summit audio/video replays and transcripts, plus a collection of special bonuses. This is entirely optional, but if you are enjoying the summit sessions, we highly recommend upgrading so you can access the sessions 24/7, at your convenience, and don't have to stress about missing a live session or catching the replay during the 48-hour window. 

NOTE: All Upgrade materials are available online as digital recordings and PDF transcripts. We do not provide hard copies or send you any physical mail. We are committed to the environment and have gone completely digital!

Purchasing a Summit Upgrade Package

To purchase a summit upgrade package, click on the "Upgrade" link in the top menu bar of the free event's Program & Replays page. The Program & Replays page link can be found in the "Welcome" email sent to you after registering for the free event.

You can also reach our Customer Support Team for assistance placing your order. 

Click here to contact Customer Support.

Or call us Monday–Thursday, 9am–4pm Pacific: (415) 223-7565

How to Access a Your Summit Upgrade Package After Purchase

You can access ALL of your Shift Network programs — including your courses, summit upgrade packages, and special packages — online, through the Premium Access Website: 

If you have registered under multiple emails, simply logout of the Premium Access Website and log back in with a different email address. 

You'll have access to all of the replays as soon as they become available. Remember, live sessions are accessed on the Program & Replays page, and recordings are posted on your Premium page within 24 hours of the live sessions. (Transcripts are posted within approximately 2 weeks of the live summit.)

Summit Upgrade Package Refund Policy

Refunds are available if requested within 60 days of the purchase date

We welcome the opportunity to discuss and hopefully resolve your concerns before refunding your payment. If there is something we can assist you with, please contact our Customer Support Team, and we'll be happy to see what can be done. 

If your order is within the specified refund period, as stated on the registration and order forms, Click Here to Complete the Refund Request Form.

Eligible refunds will be processed within 5 business days, and a confirmation email will be sent once the refund has been issued.

Important Note on Special Offer Packages from Guest Speakers

During particular summits, such as our annual Winter of Wellness Summit, some of our guest speakers offer special packages with their own products or services. These are purchased directly from the guest speaker, who is responsible for providing their own customer support. Please refer to your purchase receipt or find the contact information online of the speaker who made the special offer. Links to the speakers’ websites are provided for you below each speaker's bio on the summit Program & Replays page.  

Click here to contact Customer Support. 

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