Convert Course Schedule to Different Time Zone

Time Zone Conversion

All of The Shift Network's live session times are listed in Pacific Time, (California, USA).

 The times that appear on the Course Homepage are all synched with the current time zone settings on your computer. No time zone conversion should be necessary.

If you need to verify your time zone, there are many time zone converter services on the internet for you to choose from. Here is one for your convenience:

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time is observed in the state of California, so please pay careful attention in the spring when time "springs ahead" by one hour, and in the fall when time "falls back" again by one hour. We always send out announcements by email reminding our participants of the time change.

The online converter we provide usually manages the time change properly, but many countries observe time changes on different dates, so we advise you double check the times during time change seasons.

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