Session Recordings & Transcripts

Your purchase includes permanent access to all course content—accessible online or via downloads—unless refunded or otherwise specified. 

All course materials will be posted onto a Course Homepage website, including recordings, transcripts, weekly handouts, live session access information, and bonuses. For live courses, the recordings are posted within 24–48 hours of each live class. Transcripts are posted approximately one week after each live class. 

Approximately 2 weeks after the last class, a zip file will be posted on the Course Homepage, allowing for an easy, one-click download of all of the audio recordings, transcripts, and other written materials. Any videos will need to be downloaded individually, as they are too large to include in the zip file.

As the course progresses, you may also download any individual files as they become available. This will allow you to access them when you are not online.

The Course Homepage for Live Courses will have everything you need for participating in your course, including: 

  • Live session access link
  • Course Community Group access link
  • Audio & video recordings (posted 48 hours following live session)
  • Transcripts (posted approx. 7 days following live session)
  • Course Materials
  • Deepening Practices (posted day after the live course)
  • Course bonuses (under Supplemental Materials)

The Course Homepage for On-Demand Courses will have everything you need for participating in your course immediately upon purchase and at your own pace, including: 

  • Audio & video recordings 
  • Transcripts 
  • Course Materials
  • Deepening Practices 
  • Course bonuses (under Supplemental Materials)

The Course Homepage can be found on the Premium Access Website, by signing in with the same email address used when registering for your program. 

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